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Acid Reflux Symptoms and H. Pylori

Many of us have had the symptoms of Acid Reflux: heartburn, regurgitation, and indigestion, etc. Sometimes acid reflux happens because the valve at the opening of your stomach hasn’t closed completely. Sometimes it happens because you simply ate too much food at one sitting. But one cause you should consider is the possibility of Helicobacter pylori – H. Pylori. […]

Weight Loss Program Client Burbank

Case: Client said she had a difficult time losing weight. She couldn’t motivate herself and needed a coach. [space] In this case it was a matter of putting her on a good diet and educating her on how to eat and what foods are healthy. We began doing away with processed foods and switching to […]

Do Weight Loss Pills Work? – Nutritionist Burbank

Effectiveness depends on figuring out what is triggering the weight to begin with. [space] Most people will say they want to lose weight fast. They want a magic pill that helps melt fat and reduce inches without doing much of anything else. How wonderful would that be? Are there healthy and safe weight loss pills available? You may remember […]

Weight Loss Programs Burbank

Jeri Evans Nutrition creates a health and weight loss program customized for you. Sometimes it will be easy to follow your program and sometimes not. Much of it has to do not just with making good food choices – but with learning new habits. This is normal. We all have long-term eating habits. And some may have food addictions. […]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Fast ?

You want to lose weight – and like many people, you are in a hurry to get results. But remember. It took a long time to get this way and it will take time to balance your system. We want to build you a nutrition and weight loss habit – a lifestyle, not just a short term goal. […]

Weight Loss Monrovia CA

There are many reasons for poor health and weight gain. Common reasons are poor eating habits, lack of exercise, genetic factors, medications, or an over-stressed lifestyle. Find out what foods are causing weight gain Learn how your body processes food and improve digestion Metabolism and stress issues Gluten-free menus available Receive personal weekly support Jeri […]