Weight Loss Program Client Burbank

Case: Client said she had a difficult time losing weight. She couldn’t motivate herself and needed a coach.


In this case it was a matter of putting her on a good diet and educating her on how to eat and what foods are healthy.

weight-loss-programs-burbankWe began doing away with processed foods and switching to real food with high nutrients, such as chicken, fish, beef, legumes, raw fruits and vegetables. So she was thereafter getting a balanced diet of protein, fats, carbohydrates and veggies.

When she first started she had low energy, problems with sleeping and she only had 1 bowel movement/day.

After a few weeks on the program her sleeping was better and her energy increased. She felt great. Her bowel movements improved when she started a magnesium supplement. She was steadily losing weight and inches.

At one point during the program she went through a stressful period at her work. She was – naturally enough – distracted by this, and wasn’t as strict on the program as before. She “cheated” a bit.

But because she had learned – she continued to eat her 6 meals a day and she continued to lose weight and inches.

Life happens. And when you are trying to lose weight you can get sidetracked. Don’t give up. You will not be perfect. Give yourself permission to do the best you can.

Sometimes you will eat food that is not the best for you. The important thing is that you can go back to your program. And it helps to have a nutrition coach who asks you for your daily diaries, someone who cares and motivates you to be the awesome person you are.


Weight Loss Program Client Burbank – Jeri Evans Nutrition.