What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method of contemplating and reflecting on life. Many people practice meditation to slow their thoughts, reduce stress, and to relax.

What Are the Benefits?

This way of relaxing has been used to treat high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and serious illnesses such as cancer.

How Does it Work?

One way of meditating is to relax in a supportive chair in a comfortable position. Deep breathing is a technique often used to start the process of relaxing. Some people meditate for 10 minutes and some prefer an hour or more. It is easier to get into a meditation state when there are other people meditating at the same time in the same place. Some meditators prefer silence while others find it more relaxing listening to music or a guided meditation.

Meditation Classes

There are different classes available. There is the Basic Meditation Class and the Focused Meditation Class.

  • The Basic Meditation Class is for beginners and those that already meditate.
  • The Focused Meditation Class teaches intuitive skills. Each class is an hour.

Meditation classes are offered through Jeri Evans Nutrition. Call the office and get a price list and class schedule at (626) 808-1793.

When you know which class you will attend, please RSVP. The classroom has limited space.


We offer reasonable and competitive rates for our Meditation Classes. Although we cannot offer a payment plan, we do have various specials available from time to time. Ask about our bundle package. When you purchase sessions upfront you will receive a discount. Please call us for more information at (626) 808-1793..