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Free Phone Consult

Jeri Evans Nutrition offers you a 30-minute free consultation to ask any questions.

Initial Visit

I work with you to design a Personalized Nutrition Plan that fits realistically with your goals.

Initial Visit

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Complementary Phone Consultation

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Most people want to speak to the Nutritionist first before committing to an appointment. Jeri Evans Nutrition wants inquirers to feel comfortable and so offers a free consultation. To make an appointment for the free consult call the office and set up a time. A few legal forms would need to be filled out first. These forms are emailed to you and all you need to do is sign and send them back. This consultation will answer many questions and explain the program.

The Initial Visit

The Jeri Evans Plan is to work together with the client. It is important to find out what the client’s needs and desires are. One way to accomplish this is through the information from the “Nutrition Forms”. This way we can design a Personalized Nutrition Plan that fits realistically with the client’s goals. Jeri Evans has designed many easy to follow diet plans. The Initial Visit allows plenty of time devoted to the client. Ms. Evans takes the time to explain the program and answer important questions so that the experience will be successful. The usual time for the Initial Visit is two hours.

How to Prepare for the Initial Visit

For Ms. Evans to evaluate individual nutrition health, all “Nutrition Forms” must be filled out. The forms will be emailed. Fill them out online. This way, Jeri will be able to access your forms through a secure site.

If you are unable to access the forms, there are forms on this website. Click here to download and print the forms. Please completely fill-out all forms, using blue or black ink.

The Daily Food & Mood Log is the most important form of the questionnaire. Daily Food & Mood Log is a record of what you are eating, drinking, how many bowel movements you are having and how you feel throughout the day. Please give an honest and accurate assessment of what you eat.

If unable to print out the forms from this website, please call the office at (626) 808-1793. The forms can either be picked up or mailed. If mailed, it may take a week to get the forms. Please fill them out in blue or black ink and bring them to the session.

Follow Up Consultations

Communication is the key to success and helps keep you on track. This is why the follow-up appointments are necessary. Clients learn about themselves and their relationship to food. It is exciting to see clients making positive changes. The response to the program is a great indicator of what the next step in the Personalized Health Program will be. Depending on how many questions the clients has, the follow-up sessions can be between 30 minutes and one hour.

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