Weight Loss Program

Plan for Long Term Weight Loss

weight loss program Glendora CAJeri Evans Nutrition will create a health and weight loss program customized for you.

We want to build a nutrition and weight loss habit that becomes a lifestyle – not just a short term goal.

With this in mind, the weight loss plans include eating real wholesome organic foods. There are weight loss programs available at Jeri Evans Nutrition that include protein shakes and supplements that can be effective, but they don’t always work for some people.

Jeri prefers to work with food. This way we not only address actual food issues but will be more prepared for maintenance.

Sometimes you may have food addictions or allergies to deal with. Sometimes we also need to look at your adrenal and thyroid functions, sleep issues, or if you have metabolic syndrome.

While on the program, some people are able to follow it exactly and others may have difficulty. Learning a new way of eating and choosing foods you aren’t familiar with can be challenging.

This is normal! 

Many of us have to contend with our long-term eating habits.

It is important that you be patient with yourself. Plan on not being perfect, remember you are learning a new lifestyle.


It took a long time to get this way and it will take time to balance your system.

Jeri can coach you through the difficult times. Eventually, you will get to where you want to be. You will notice that you’re feeling better every day and you are getting closer to your goal.

You can do this!

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