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Are Medical Doctors Involved?

Yes. If needed, a doctor will give the diagnoses and prescriptions for Helicobacter pylori and parasitic infections.

If Clients Heal From Infections Can The Infections Return?

Yes. Emotional, mental and physical stress can break down the digestive system’s mucosal barrier, which can open the doors for opportunistic pathogens to enter the bloodstream.

Is The Nutritionist Available For Questions?

If the client has a question that requires a yes or no answer please call 626.963.6627 or e-mail jeri@jerievansnutrition.com. You’ll get an answer as soon as possible.

If the question requires an explanation an appointment can be made either on the phone or in person. If it is an emergency always contact the doctor or Emergency Services.


We offer reasonable and competitive rates for our Nutrition and Weight Management Programs. Although we cannot offer a payment plan, we do have various specials available from time to time. Please call us for more information.

Thank you for inquiring about our Nutrition and Weight Management Programs! We look forward to your visit.

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