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Intuitive Release Therapy:

  • Assists in releasing emotional and physical issues
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Balances energy and chakras
  • Assists in reaching goals


What is Intuitive Release Therapy?

Intuitive Release Therapy, developed by Jeri Evans, is a new and effective method to unlock emotions that stem from negative experiences. Negative experiences could be from an accident, illness, unemployment, feeling unloved or an unhappy marriage.

The memory and feeling of the experience can get trapped in muscles, tissues, organs and cells in the body. This in turn can cause anxiety, depression, and physical pain–preventing happiness and hindering our potential. Intuitive Release Therapy brings understanding of who we are, why and how we react to life-changing experiences. Achieving awareness allows us to move forward.

How Does Intuitive Release Therapy Work?

The technique incorporates the five senses; hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. By utilizing these senses the intuition and imagination is stimulated. Jeri will guide the session by deep breathing techniques, guided meditation and focused energy work. When the body relaxes the imagination is able to flow.

Intuitive Release Therapy is a non-threatening way of viewing life situations that may have been forgotten or not thought of as important. The event or memory that is being recalled may not seem real, and may not have happened in the exact same way, but often our imagination or subconscious tells us in symbols. Together, Ms. Evans and the client interpret these experiences or “symbols” of these experiences to see how they apply to current obstacles. The objective is to get to the root of the problem(s).

Recreating past conversations, promises or thoughts assists the subconscious in connecting to the emotional pattern, bringing the issue to the surface. When the emotional pattern is recognized the tension pattern from the muscles, tissues, organs and cells in the body often relax, let go. When the body is relaxed one may experience peace, balance, and happiness, thereby achieving goals.


Meet Jeri Evans

Jeri Evans has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition from California Polytechnic University. Ms. Evans has Certificates of Completion in Practitioner of Past Life Therapy, Institute of PSI Biotics, Functional Endocrinology, Neurotransmitters & Brain, Functional Blood Chemistry, and several other related fields.

Although Ms. Evans specializes in Gluten-Free Plans and Digestion, she also addresses emotional healing. Releasing negative emotional patterns can balance and calm the nervous system. This in turn may improve health, digestion and normalize weight.

Her collaboration with many doctors including cranial-TMJ specialist Richard C. Gerardo, D.C., C.S.C.P., D.A.C.B.N, offers treatment that promotes healing of many conditions affecting the brain and emotions. The combination of Dr. Gerardo’s technique with Intuitive Release Therapy prepares the body’s transition for emotional and physical change to occur easily.

An Insightful Path to Achieve Goals

Intuitive Release Therapy is like a flowing river. The water represents our physical body, including emotions. The rocks and trees in the river represent our positive and negative experiences. For the water to stay healthy it needs to flow around rocks and trees. As rocks and trees can block the river from moving, our personal negative experiences often prevent us from reaching our destination. IRT turns negative experiences into challenges. These challenges are necessary to teach us about ourselves and define who we are so that we can reach our potential and personal goals.

Our Goal

Intuitive Release Therapy is a completely different experience. Clients have the opportunity to learn how to balance energy, calm the nervous system and develop empathetic skills. IRT offers an easy, safe way to release negative emotional patterns. The goal is to assist clients in attracting positive experiences, reaching personal potential and becoming successful. This therapy works synergistically with psychological therapy and does not replace it. If this is the path you have been searching for, call Jeri Evans for an Intuitive Release Therapy appointment today.


If this is the path you have been searching for, call Jeri Evans for an Intuitive Release Therapy appointment today.